I lost track of time on the Slowcoast

Quietly resting between the bursting streets of San Francisco and the buzz of Silicon Valley there lies a well kept secret called Slowcoast. The Slowcoast is a stretch of Pacific coast line that you hit heading south out to Half Moon Bay or north out of  Santa Cruz on Highway 1. You know you’re there when you’re hit with a dose of sun, strawberry fields and sandstone cliffs. It would be a crime not to roll your window down, turn on some oldies, and fill your lungs with salty sea breeze as you coast. But this gem is too rich of a place just to drive through. Pick your own berries or indulge in homemade pie at Swanton Family Farms, jog through hidden ocean coves on miles of trails, or stop and throw a stick for your four-legged best friend. But the real cherry on top? Well, nestled among the local farmers, natural beaches, and fanciful forests in the Slowcoast lie a few incredible spots to tie the knot. Step onto these private venues oozing with rustic elegance and vintage charm and you’ll say “WOW,” then pause to take a long, slow breath of it all. The beauty, peace, and outlook of this place are a wonderful representation of what we believe at Weddings By Aimee: we want your wedding to be a time of escape, reflection, and love for you and your guests. We believe that the Slowcoast is the perfect place to do just that! Schedule a consultation with Weddings by Aimee today and come away with us to see the coast! Spend a few hours touring venues with us here and you’ll want to come back, we promise.

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