Wind into the redwood forest with June and Chris

Congratulations Junie and Chris (aka Sven), what a magical weekend!… Considering a California Winter wedding? The afternoon sun is peeking through as bride June and her dad take a cascading trail of leaves and log stairs through the redwood forest. Family and friends await them in a clearing below…here comes the bride!  June intrepidly places one cowboy boot in front of the other to meet her groom, Chris, at the base of the stairs. Best friends and soul mates, the pair walk hand in hand down the remaining steps towards their altar… here comes the bride AND groom. This nontraditional processional is the first of many creative touches that June and Chris worked into their wedding day. “ohhhhh- ahhhhh!” cheers a lively crowd of guests. Quick to follow, is an unforgettable night of belly laughter, mouth watering barbeque, parents’ and dearest friends’ toasts (sentimental and wicked funny), and some serious barn dancing!  An evening of candlelight, bountiful rose bouquets, and a dreamy night sky. But the real glow of the evening comes from the family and friends who have gathered from as far as Boston and Virginia for this lively, but intimate celebration. To kick off a glow stick dance party, the couple cuts into a gigantic, chocolate glazed donut to share as their official ‘cake cutting’. With spunk, humor, and unconventionality, we are reminded that a wedding day should be more than a well planned event…it’s an expressive celebration of yourselves.  (that’s the rewarding type of planning – what makes it real, alive and personal!) Truly joy filled, unique weddings like June and Chris’ remind us what it means to live in the moment with the people you love. Sending heartfelt thanks to you both, June and Chris. Your wedding day set the tone for a lifetime of rich joy… and even richer donuts!