Getting creative in Big Sur

Last year I worked on a wedding that was designed on completely raw land overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur.  This wedding in particular captured my passions and challenged me in so many ways!  It motivated and inspired me even more to ‘be’ and ‘do’ what I do.You find a place that melts your heart and inspires you…then you create your dream come true…… this is what I call “Mindful Planning”.
How that comes to be is no easy task!  Ask any bride (or groom) especially when budget comes into play and you’ll quickly realize how expensive things CAN be….but don’t have to be.  This is where it gets really exciting, and where the creative work must begin!

I enjoyed this planning immensely as I worked with county permitting processes, environmental engineers, land lawyers as well as large design firms.  What grounded me was being on this amazing piece of raw land and simply creating their dream wedding.  The challenge for this couple, who didn’t live in the area, was simply understanding how all the pieces and parts would come together!  Picking linens, colors, decor – well, as we all know, is the super fun stuff.  The challenge and reward for me (luckily I love this stuff!) was that I was brought on board to help control budget and be mindful of how the money was spent – giving multiple options along the way.  Taking all the creative design we did and resourcing great options to minimize their ‘over spent’ budget!  The photo we attached here is similar to what we went with for ceremony seating – but a down home option that saved the couple almost $4,000 just in seating for ceremony! Another super cool part is they can be reused and/or donated to a local farm!  How awesome is that!  In a time where couples want to be ‘green’ ‘sustainable’ and mindful of local/organic farming.  The bails we used, we covered them with fabric found from a local distributor and it came out fantastic!  The ideas are endless!

….Where we choose to spend our pennies comes from a place of value within ourselves.  Prioritizing is important and different for every individual!  I love the planning time that I get to spend with a couple because it helps me offer them creative ideas that display WHO they are; it also helps me to materialize the visions of each unique couple that I work with. What I have found is that no matter how big and creative your vision and no matter what your budget is there is one thing we ALL have in common: we want everyone at our wedding to walk away feeling that completeness and joy in their hearts and having had THE BEST time ever.  Having so many technological tools at our fingertips these days makes it even more tough sometimes.  Having that person keeping us on track, staying focused on what truly matters, and being budget savvy is priceless.  No matter who this person is to you; an Aunt, a sister, a friend or a coordinator/planner……… it’s just different when it’s YOUR wedding and having a true advocate means so much.