Life below the nose of my four-legged friend, Indie Newlander…

When I wake up in the morning, I know it’s going to be a good day because Aimee is packing sandwiches… Turkey scraps are a sign that it’s a site visit day on the Slowcoast, woo hoo! I stretch my sleepy legs out for a day of romping through farmland, grass sniffing, and salty stick eating on the beach. I hop in the back of Aimee’s car and we’re off… I practice great self control in not sticking my nose into the lunchbox…
The first stop with Aimee and the new couple is the Airstream at Swanton Berry Farm. There’s lot’s of talking and carrying on about homemade jams, local art, and for sale items; in other words, plenty of time for me to sniff around the barn and run a few laps in the tall green grass…I try to stay out of the way of tractors and people rushing around with yummy looking pies and bursting strawberry cartons. Luckily, I scrounge a few crumbs of somethin from people who think I’m really cute, but the best is when Aimee decides to run around with me. It’s a total crowd pleaser with the bride and groom to be…they giggle and talk about how they “can’t wait to have a dog…” makes me feel pretty special.


Next, we wind further up Highway 1 to Venture retreat in Pescadero… this place comes with a pool and jacuzzi, a yurt, and even outdoor showers… an outdoorsy escape where it’s all for peace, love, and relaxation. While Aimee and her friends bubble about wedding receptions and yoga weekends on the pool deck, I try to make friends with a few of the local deer, but even I couldn’t keep up with them! Note to self, deer don’t like playing chase. Maybe next time we visit I’ll try a more subtle approach.

photo(11)Then comes the most tantalizing stop for my nose, Green Oaks Farm. My nose tingles and I can smell the wildflowers, potbelly pigs, and fresh vegetable fields from a mile away as we rumble up a dirt road to their front gate. “What a vast expanse of bliss!” For a good hour or so, I pretend that I’m a wolf, howling through the forest and spooking the farm animals. Aimee and the couple pick berries as she tells them stories of the fairytale weddings that happen here at Green Oaks. After our adventures, I pant with satisfaction and hop into the trunk of Aimee’s car. We all take in one last lovely view of the mountains and trees that surround this special valley, me dreaming of life as a wolf and the couple dreaming of the perfect outdoor wedding day.



Then, we stop at a new place called Pigeon Point Lighthouse… At first, the Lighthouse is tall and scary and the wind is whipping ocean mist right into our faces! But Aimee says it’s the perfect place to “tie the knot.” While the Aimee and the couple ooh and aah romantically, I am tempted to jump right off the cliffs and make friends with sea lions. But to avoid scolding, I show off bounding through ice plants and barnacle sniffing down in the tide pools… Meanwhile, Aimee and her couple perch on a sunny bench to munch on Kale chips and sandwiches. “I can’t believe this is my job” I think to myself… puppy life doesn’t get much sweeter. This has been a message from Indie Newlander, thanks for tuning in friends. Remember, always be the person that your dog thinks you are! photo(10)