Summer lovin’ on the Pacific with Allison and PJ

On the morning of June 7th, thick white fog billows around the Victorian cottages of the Monarch Cove Inn. As the sleepy fog lifts above the Eucalyptus trees, the early risers come into view: pelicans diving into the ocean below for the morning catch of fish, beach combers out for an early stroll, and the warm glow of Mr. Sun. It’s going to be a wonderful summer day on the Pacific Ocean. While bride Allison and groom PJ excitedly prepare for their wedding celebration in their rooms, friends and family trickle into the Inn from all across the country. Loved ones are joyful to see this long anticipated event come to fruition. Allison and PJ have loved each other for years, and their marriage is a celebration of continuing their love and commitment to one another.


IMG_3746Monarch Cove becomes a vintage fairy village after flowers and decorations… PJ has hand built rustic globe sculptures to hang, Allison’s mom has painted welcome signs onto rustic window panes, and wherever you turn birdcages and wooden boxes flow with flowers and succulents.


It is very important to Allison and PJ that guests feel right at home and enjoy the celebration as they would any beach party with best friends! So PJ has whipped up his famous “love rub” barbequing concoction for guests to take home; overlooking the beach is a Port and Cigar station where friends can unwind and reflect on the day’s festivities. Conveniently, ample blankets and pillows are provided for lounging …IMG_3901IMG_3880
Guests soak up the sun, sniffle as the lovely bride and groom exchange vows, and get ready to dine and dance! Cheers to Allison and PJ, we hope this celebration sets the tone for your next chapter together!