From first date to save the date…


As Martin and Lis strolled beneath the apple trees at Quail Hollow on their very first date,  I doubt that either of them imagined they’d be exchanging wedding vows beneath the very same apple trees a few years later. On August 2, 2014 Lis and Martin return to this magical spot with family and friends to celebrate the blossoming of a new season in their lives. Tall eucalyptus trees, roses hung from ribbons in an apple tree, and ladies’ floral dresses rejoice in the warm summer breeze as Lis elegantly walks the aisle to the meet her Martin, smiling widely and shaking his head humbly.




As the afternoon heats up, family and friends wander down to the ranch from the orchard for appetizers, games, and no shortage of good beer and bubbly! Guests kick back with bocce ball and photobooth, adorning Lis and Martin with a surplus of hugs and kisses.


IMG_4059IMG_4061IMG_4094IMG_4101Local chef India Joze emerges from his kitchen caravan and an elaborate dinner spread is served, complete with roast pig, fresh baked bread, and freshly fried kale chips. To top it all off is a three tier lemon cheesecake blooming with ripe berries. Not a piece is left behind. To wash it all down is a dessert wine homemade by the bride and groom themselves. Lis and Martin know sure know how to wine and dine their guests!

IMG_4077DSC01220IMG_4088With full bellies and happy hearts, Lis and Martin kick off the dance party with a dance under a grove of oak trees. Lovey couples gather to watch the pair romantically glide across the dance floor. As gentle and graceful as Lis and Martin are, it’s no surprise a few deer stop to watch too. The sun sets and parents settle into chairs to soak up the last moments of a lovely day while  the younger crowd busts out their funky dance moves.  This day at Quail Hollow Ranch marks the beginning of a beautiful journey for Lis and Martin. The journey starts tomorrow, but first it’s time for the after party!